I have decided to concentrate more on passing on turning and decorative skills to other wood turners from my home, this will mean tailored courses to suit an individual needs. I also intend to monitor the development and progress of students on a regular basis.

My overall aim is to extend interest in the craft and help developing artists achieve their true potential. Courses will be arranged with a maximum of 3 students over 16 years of age at one time, these courses may be arranged mainly for week days but week ends will also be considered.

The wood turning world is also aware of special courses arranged through the A.W.G.B. and the Youth Training and Development Programme, I also run such courses from my home workshop, further information on these courses can be obtained from the A.W.G.B. and the Register of Professional Turners (R.P.T.) web sites.

Photograph of work from Youth Training Programme week-end at Stuarts home in Grateley.

Photograph of work from Youth Training Programme week-end at Stuarts home in Grateley.


Photograph of tuition pieces depending on skill level.

For further details contact me at or on 01264 889016.

When considering a course, make contact me by e-mail or Telephone, with your full details and contact number. I will also require you to give me a personal appraisal of your skill level, what you produce and how you wish to proceed to extend your skills. I also need to know the size and type of lathe you use as well as any special tools you have or require. My approach to any course is quite simple, initially I will assess the students skill level through work produced to date and a practical assessment at the lathe.

The course will then be graded and geared to suit development requirements.

My demonstrations can also be conducted from my home address, I will be able to accommodate up to 25 people. My intention is to reduce travelling and accommodation costs, the necessity for preparation time for tools and other equipment will be nil due to the fact that I will be working from my own workshop.

Trips to my home workshop can be arranged, starting immediately.

The demonstrations will cover all aspects of turning from basic to advanced tooling, sharpening, decorating, piercing and finishing, simple clean tooling is paramount in order to make finishing easier. Design aspects will also feature strongly as tooling progresses to advanced stages, my intention during tuition and presentations is to demonstrate the importance that tooling becomes second nature, allowing you to concentrate totally on FLOW, form, and design.

From the outset, regardless of form, whether it is a simple bowl, vase, box, goblet, hollow form or any other turning advanced tooling techniques and finish reflects professionalism of the highest standards.

Apart from teaching and demonstrating I am also offering free consulting sessions to anyone wishing to take up the craft of wood turning.

These sessions will be available to persons 16years and over, and to children over 12 years to 16 years of age provided they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, qualified teacher or other person responsible for the child or young person.
My workshop may be visited by interested parties by appointment only and advice may be given on the purchase of machinery and tools.


1. Health and safety in the workshop.
2. Dust extraction and safety equipment.
3. Safety standards when operating a lathe.
4. Safe use of tools.
5. Discipline within the workshop e.g. NO ACCESS TO CERTAIN MACHINERY.
6. Student will be accompanied at all times by a qualified tutor.
7. Introduction to a lathe, without operation.
8. Introduction to tools and information on sharpening and maintenance.
9. Information on turning products, wood, sanding materials, finishing and other products.
10. Safe operation of the lathe and method of mounting materials between centres and the use of a faceplate and chuck.
11. With visitors seated at a safe distance and wearing safety glasses, a short demonstration on a lathe with questions and answers.